I would like to share the following website links with you. They range from Health and General Information to the Official American Kennel Club website. I have also provided links to fellow Akita Breeders that are my friends and supporters.

I will continue to update my Links page as I believe that networking is the key to education!

The Akita Network The Akita Network is a great site, giving you as much information as possible in one location.
OFA Orthopedic Foundation for Animals to assist breeders in addressing hip dysplasia.
CERF Canine Eye Registration Foundation - Eye diseases in purebred dogs through registration, research, and education.
Bloat Links and FAQs Bloat is the common term for Gastric Dilation-Torsion Complex.
Canine Reproduction Dr. Robert V. Hutchison and his reproductive staff

American Kennel Club The Official AKC Akita Breed Standard, along with a wealth of additional information regarding dogs.
Akita Club of America The National Breed Club which represents, protects, and furthers the interests of the Akita breed.

Kumo-Ko Akitas Nyla Haddy
Magiksun Akitas Dino & Alicia Meyeri
Sondaisa Akitas Colleen Sullivan
Kuroi Kao Priscilla & Bob McCune DVM
Dream Hi Akitas Tom Lorie & Kristina Rickard
Kumakura Akitas Ree Keca


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